In the elapsed decade, the Prestige Consortium has firmly entrenched itself as a salient and extraordinarily thriving luminary in the Indian real estate panorama, carving an enduring legacy across a myriad of asset categories. Initiating its trajectory in 1986, this audacious sojourn was sparked by Chairman and Managing Director Irfan Razack and judiciously navigated by his siblings Rezwan Razack and Noaman Razack.

Over the years, the corporation has diversified into various associated and unconnected domains, each supervised by individuals endowed with noteworthy acumen. These services encompass the artistry of internal aesthetics by Morph Design Company (MDC) and the reimagination of sophistication in gentlemen’s formal attire through Prestige Fashions (P) Ltd. Individually, they stand as the solitary developers in South India, encapsulating an expansive portfolio spanning residential, commercial, retail, leisure, and hospitality realms.

Presently, the Prestige Consortium gleams as a bastion of ingenuity, having spearheaded myriad pioneering advancements and introduced several groundbreaking initiatives to the real estate tableau of South India.

The conglomerate has successfully consummated 285 ventures, enfolding a fabricable expanse of 170 million sqft, with 54 ongoing initiatives spanning diverse sectors and a cumulative fabricable area of 75 million sqft. Gazing into the future, it envisions 48 ventures encompassing 99 million sqft and possesses a substantial land reservoir exceeding 710 acres as of June 2023. Acquiring a CRISIL DA1+ grading by CRISIL and luxuriating in an ICRA A+ credit rating, the enterprise serves as an embodiment of its allegiance to distinction and originality in the realm of real estate.

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